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The Rose is a small restaurant and tea room in High Street in Oxford, which serves first class, freshly prepared food. From our breakfast to our afternoon teas, we take great care in choosing the best ingredients available and preparing our food from scratch.








Seasonal where possible….

Though several of our lunch dishes feature on our menu throughout the year, we pride ourselves on our menu of specials which we change several times a week. In general, we try to make use of seasonal produce, simply because it tastes better. Asparagus flown in from Peru do not compare to a freshly cut English spear, even if the latter is only available for a few months of the year.



Top quality organic meats and eggs….


All of the meat used at The Rose is organically raised and expertly butchered. This combination results in unparalleled flavour in the meat. As an example, the farm from which we buy our eggs allows their chickens an abundance of space to roam, picking and foraging natural food from the hedgerows. This makes the taste of the eggs deeper and more intense. That they are also incredibly fresh is a given…



Flours and dairy produce….



At The Rose we make all of our cakes and scones from scratch. We passionately believe that added enzymes have no place in flour, so we specially select ours from slow-milled, organically produced cereals. The slow milling ensures that the flour retains high nutritional value and great flavour. Naturally, the flours are also free from added enzymes.


Similarly, our clotted cream, the very best we have ever come across, is sourced from a local supplier and based purely on milk from Jersey cows. The cream we use for our homemade ice creams is also made from Jersey milk.


We hope you will enjoy browsing this website to find out more about The Rose, and that we will see you soon ‘on the High’ in Oxford


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